Friday, December 07, 2007


*note the babies name is not Morgan, we just prefer calling Morgan morgan instead of... it.

Please note I will replace this image with a scan once I get one, but I don't have a scanner handy.

Also we are a little disappointed, or perhaps just let down by expectations, this was supposed to be the integrated prenatal test, where they do all the prescreening and risk checking, and maybe let you know gender, and all sorts of good stuff to give you that reassuring pat on the back that everything is fine. But we aren't at 12 weeks, we are at about 9... so all that careful note taking and we were still wrong, crazy old nature. So there is nothing wrong, or bad, but it just means when we told everyone and they said we are telling to early, well it was EXTRA early.

So we will keep everyone posted, but there won't be significant news until after the new year.

This does mean of course that Morgan will be working a birthday in around the end of June beginning of July, so Colin, Mom, and Alex, you may need to share your cake a forth way :P

Hey maybe we can hit Canada Day, that would be cool :P

Alright folks thats all for now, by the by, I am posting this, so pretty much the gloves are off, everyone who we needed to have caution in telling now knows, so consider (if it you weren't already) that Erin being pregnant is public knowledge.

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