Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Web Comic

Doing a little house keeping around here, might even do an overhaul soon to make it look purty. First up the easy stuff, dumped Get Fuzzy and Pet Pro from the linkage. PetPro I think is dead, or near enough, and Get Fuzzy stopped being funny, both of them leave me so apathetic as to not bother linking either.

Next up I reordered some junk since periodic seems more frequent than weekly, I swapped sections, Fox Trot got moved down to Weekly, and XKCD got added. XKCD bills its self as: A web comic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. All true, and all funny, its light on art, but even in its stickily way its better then what I can do. So I enjoy its clean sharp lines. :)

Also my Penny Arcade swag arrived, including John Gabriel's famous theorem, and 'the code.' I also highly recommend you listen to Wil Wheaton's keynote from PAX07. One year, when I'm old and curmudgeonly like Wil (at somewhere between 35-40) I hope to have the same kind of relationship with my kids as he has with his. I suppose I had better get to having those kids sooner or later.

Speaking of swag, I'm giddy with the power of fitting now that I have lost all this weight, suddenly the world of internet wit pasted on to t's is at my power. So I will proceed with prudence, but I may furnish myself with yet more witty Internet t's. Perhaps my old time favorite "ale's and whore's."

Erin and I have been enjoying Bioshock and Guitar Hero 2, Erin is a spectator more to Bioshock, but is quickly becoming a guitar virtuoso. To setup some context for those who haven't a) played Bioshock, or its demo, b) don't troll in internet circles about video games, Bioshock is a game set in a McCarthy era earth, in an underwater utopia, gone wrong. The founder of this city an Andrew Ryan believes in unfettered science and a meritocracy, at least that is what it appears, unfortunately the definition of merit slips as science gives individuals the power to rewrite their own DNA to give them powers (usually shooting forth from the left arm.)

Such powers may include lightening, telekinesis, frost, or fire.

All that being said, this mornings Ctrl-Alt-Del is pleasantly amusing, if not potty humour.

Well thats all this train has time for, I have a post in the pipe I may wrap on lunch, or perhaps on the ride home.


ps yes more stuff is coming from Italy, I did spend more then 4 days there.

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