Thursday, August 02, 2007

A heretical idea

Well the traditional family birthday cake is of course Strawberry Shortcake. So traditional that it has transcended the great ocean's of Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (the wheat ocean that is, or is it canola these days?) To be served at other recent birthdays.

Now, historically, August is a cottage month, and cottages have neither consistent temperature stoves necessary for baking angel food, nor do they have kitchen temperatures conducive to making stable whip cream. As such, I have had the pleasure of the most odd birthday cakes over my life. This even extended to my in laws who once prepared a Sulfur cake by launching two rockets atop a mousse cake. A cake to thick to allow the rockets to reach escape, instead they lay mired in raspberry, and vented their exhaust gases.

In light of the rather unusual circumstances of my birthday falling on my birthday, I propose a heretical cake transformation, as Strawberries are now firmly out of season, but raspberries and blue berries remain ripe and plump. Let us garnish the Angel food and whip cream with these berries instead.

I know, its madness, plain and simple, but I'm crazy like that.


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