Thursday, May 24, 2007

The words escape me...

Quite literaly the words I'm looking for are lost on the internet. This morning on the CBC there was a story about the escaped terrorism suspects in the UK. There was a quotation from either a police officer or politician that was very enlightened and I wanted to share it, and praise the insight of the individual. Alas it has eluded all attempts at citation. Hopefully the various CBC archives and audio feeds will be updated by tonight and I can exert a more lengthy search.

In the mean time I will try and share the spirit of what he said, the essence was that, in a knee jerk reaction to terrorist threats there was a series of laws that pushed an already disenfranchised set of youth further away, and helped radicalize them. More over the answer is not more laws.

That was the thrust, but the guys saying it was more real, and more British, but I think it was 'spot on' social policy that stigmatize a group, and laws that strip them of there rights isn't a great way to on board them with civil society, but in fact pushes them to the fringes. Fighting terrorism isn't about always fighting, but we have to make sure that the crimes we punish aren't thought crimes, but real transgressions.


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