Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Phallus Fallacies in your Hypothesis's

Well... where to begin on this one, so we were having a dinner table discussion, at my grandparents house, about phalli through the ages, biology textbooks and avian mammals. Beyond the great phallus of the Athenians, Jenn revealed that the record holder for member to body size ratio was the bat. Apparently in an effort to circumnavigate there very own wing structures during mating.

Well it seems bats may hold a record for mammals but they are not the over all title holder. It seems ironic, or at the very least coincidental that we should raise the issue on the very same weekend that CBC's Quirks and Quarks would have this story on their podcast.

So the duck is mightier then the bat, and if fact damn well frightening. I only share this with you know so that others can share my horror.


ps Some criticism of my bench marking of an oddly numbered number like 13.8 has lead me to push on wards to tackle 25 km, and to make the punishment more complete, it was followed by a ride the following day @ 20km, and 3-5 km both of which Erin completed as well. 30 km may be on the slate for this coming weekend, in the mean time I need to recover from a little dehydration/sunburn.

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