Thursday, January 18, 2007

How much do you love Heroes?

In the continuing trend of ripping off content I've written for other reasons I present the following. It was an email written to try and win a signed photograph of some of the Heroes Actors, including everyones favourite Hiro. So since I won "Best Pitch" but lost the picture do to contest rigging, I will at least salvage a blog post out of it. Nor do I fear further embaressment, because the CCO already forwarded to the entire company :)

Let me set the stage, first off, my wife and I don't have cable, we usually wait a year and just buy DVDs of the series we like. If a new show comes out we wait and see the reviews, and then give it a try by renting the first disc, but once were hooked we are chronically one season behind. Which of course makes seeing a new show like heroes hard to watch.

Now add to that what at the moment will seem at least someone superfluous information. As a tech geek I have installed many operating systems, including some that were less then polished. O/S2 Warp Beta, Win 95 Alpha, Win 2k Beta, Win XP RC1 and various distro's of Linux (before Linux was cool... Well as cool as Linux can be. :) One can appreciate that any alpha or beta product is risky at best, but when its your OS that is flaky well then your just in trouble. So after my last foray into beta's I gave up and said, "your getting to old for this Geoff, just wait for the release."

So why was that important? Well after hearing some much buzz about Heroes I traveled to the dark corners of the internet and found a Bit Torrent for the show. One episode and I was curious, two episodes and I was addicted. But how oh how was I going to be able to watch this on my big screen TV??? Well I have an XBOX 360, which is a media extender, but you need Windows Media Center edition to use that, or Window's Vista... Well once bitten twice shy, I'm not crazy enough to install Windows Vista Beta, or was I?

Bad drivers, lost data, and one maddening weekend later I Dr Frankenstein'd up Windows Vista and the whole Windows Media Center catastrophe into one smooth roll Heroes casting entertainment center.

That's how much I love Heroes.

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