Monday, September 18, 2006

Irresponsible journalism...

A continuation from last weeks link to the Toronto Star article on the Montreal Shooting, I saw today's Toronto Sun, and it is either a case of an irresponsible journalism, or inaccurate fact checking. Emblazoned on the cover of the Sun is the headline "Video Game Killer" adding layout balance to the image of the dipshit Gill aiming down the barrel of his gun. Now I'm at first questioning if this pathetic creature has gone on a rampage violating the civil rights of computer software with the weapon he is brandish with a poor facsimile of menace.

What the journalist I'm sure intends for me to infer is that this scumbagGill has been spurred to action by video games, while I appreciate the Sun's desire to sell news papers by using sensational headlines, this headline is no more factual then those you see on the tabloid rags at the grocery checkout counters. (A popular belief of my wife and her family, and a belief I subscribe to, is that one may safely read the headlines while waiting in the checkout, if you actually pick up these 'news' papers you will in fact become stupider.)

The truth is that video games were no more responsible for hisGill's actions then any of the myriad of other subculture activities he participated in. To single one out is to stigmatise that community, and gives us no true closure to the events that happened. In truth he Gill was a marginal human being, with no aspirations, or goals. He was shallow, and pathetic, and chose to make himself something by going out in wave of selfish destruction. We are giving him exactly what he wants, (sadly I am part of that problem right now.) Instead we should forget him; he should become an inconsequential footnote in the tragic passing of Anastasia DeSousa.

He should never be memorialized or canonized as the Saint of destruction and disaffected youth, he is neither worthy of that, nor mention. His actions, well tragic, do not warrant the level of attention they have received. I'm not intending to trivialize the loss or destruction that has touched the people involved, but his actions do not warrant the title of Massacre that they have been bestowed by some media outlets. So lets honour the victims, and forget... forget .... sorry, it seems I've forgotten his name.

*edited to reduce reference to the individual, as per Anonymous's suggestion


Anonymous said...

You are part of the problem. You mentioned the killer's name! Just refer the it as the suicidal gunman.

Unknown said...

I agree with your comment, but the only one allowed to use bad grammer around here is me!