Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My cats

Here the three of them are, lazing away a Saterday morning (well one of them isn't really being lazy, but is in fact pinned by the other two, unable to escape their clutches.)


Jennith said...

Is Lki bigger than Az??

Unknown said...

Loki is a big cat, he just went to the vet for his "operation" and weighed in at about 7.9lbs and growing. Az is about the same length at the moment, but doesn't have the same girth. Loki isn't fat (not yet at least) but he hasn't stopped growing. His dad was a big cat, and we expect he will get to be a big fellow himself. Thats partially why we picked him, we knew his dad was both friendly and big, and we hoped both those traits would be herritable.

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