Friday, August 11, 2006

Curse you 1.5" curse you!

1.5" inches is the most annoying number in my basement. During this whole renovation project that number has haunted me time and time again. While last night 1.5 was up to his usual dirty tricks while I was framing the ceiling. Little did I know that 1.5" was lying in wait for me, just waiting until my moment of framing triumph, when I would complete assembly of the first ceiling truss. Only to snatch that victory by forcing the aforementioned truss to sit cockeyed, one end elevated 1.5" too high!

So a curse on ye 1.5, and a fi on you as well

/me shakes fist at 1.5 with the authority of a fist that has once more traveled full circle around the sun.


Anonymous said...

See the problem here is that you're mixing your metric and you're imperial. If you were to properly respect the distance as 1 ½" then I think you'd be okay.

Unknown said...

As I have explained to this poster in person, 1.5 is not 'metrix' it is a decimal number. While metrix by convetion uses decimals, and imperial by convention uses fractional units. Neither is in acurate, nor incorrect. While you would be hard pressed to find any ruler with .5 inches marked as .5, you would also not find a ruler marked with .5 meters (although you may have one marked with 50 cm)

My point being that .5 = 50% = 1/2 and all three forms of expression are fine. My problem has nothing to do with decimal representation, just visualization of materials.

And really... who is the jerk who made a 2x4 1.5 inches thick!