Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The following photo-poem like object I entitle WTF. That is because it embodies the thought that went through my head as without warning, and without cause, the sunroof on my mom's car exploded while driving down the 401. No bridges, no rocks, no falling birds, no insidiously planted incendiary devices, nor any gun shots fired at me, just sudden, spontaneous, failure of the glass.

What was most shocking was the noise, for those unaware safety glass breaks LOUD! Seriously it sounded like the world was ending. The sunroof is of course practically located in ones ear, so any sound it might make would be perceived as loud, but this was ear shattering (and glass shattering) loud.

The dealership refused to fix it under warranty because they claimed it must have been a "road hazard." I want to know what road hazard is above my car? If your thinking bridge, their was no bridge, nor was their any significant debris on the road, nor was I following close to anything that could have kicked up the non-existent debris. So to the dealer I say: "you are cheap", to my heart still thumping in my chest I say: "chill out," and to incorporeal forces bent to thwart my existence I say: "you lose!"

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