Friday, March 18, 2005

Milton Bus Route

I'm posting this so that it is online so I can link to it from some where else.

Still, I would like to explain if for no better reason then to have a post!

The area I am showing is a municipal plan for my subdivision, and in blue is the existing bus route, I would like to propose the bus be redirected slightly so that it does less doubling back on itself, thus servicing more homes. Since the bus is the direct route to the Go Train, and the Go Train is the major artery for Toronto bound folk.

I think the line in red is pretty fair, the number of houses on 4th line between Derry and Clark are not that great, nor are they without service they just need to walk a little farther, but you add seriously increase the convenince for a much greater number of people who live off Clark. I understand the reason the bus does not currently make that route is because Clark West of 4th is new, but I feel my suggested route was possible already in the minds of the Municipal transit authorities when they made the route map. Anyways, here it is in all its glory.

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