Thursday, February 17, 2005

Here is an idea I can get behind

I just read this article in the Toronto Star about a piece of legislation currently under debate at Queen's Park. This legislation, introduced by Conservative MPP John O'Toole, is an amendment to the Income Tax Act (Presumably of Ontario.) The new legislation calls for an income tax deduction for the use of public transportation for commuters. This I think is a fantastic idea, and not only because it is self serving. I am transit, I live in an area well served by GO Transit and I chose my new house based upon its proximity to transit. I see transit as a way to reduce stress, and reduce pollution. For me I get up, get on the train, and then I have a 40-50 minute ride where I can sleep, read, relax, chat or any number of activities I can't do behind the wheel of a car. When I do have to drive (especially in rush hou) I find that save 40-50 minutes can easily slip to become 60-90 minutes dependent on uncontrollable traffic, and I don't find that time relaxing in the slightest. From an environmental point of view it takes a lot less energy/person to use the transit then cars. Meaning less pollution and less wasted energy.

I think the great part of this legislation is that it will reward those who pollute less, and encourage increased ridership of the transit systems. This will keep our cities and environment cleaner.

So if you are like me and commute to work, and think this is a good idea, I recommend writing your MPP at their office to let them know it is a great idea and you support it. Write your dear premier Dalton McGuinty (address is at the bottom) and let him to know that you think his government should get behind this, and finally write your municipal representative asking them to push the province on this (you will have to figure that address on your own.) I don't think I personally have ever written any of my politician before (except the Minister of Immigration for a school project) so this is kind of unusual for me, but I support this, so I am going to do something about it.

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