Monday, September 30, 2013

Correlation is the New Causation

Correlation is the new causation or so the internet seems to be jibing people about that, two great links that hit the same heart beat, one a little more tongue and cheek and the other trying to make a point.

The first, SMBC from this weekend:

The second being an infographic or comic on the "evil's" of comic books:

There is something on the third page about a book called Captain Underpants being banned in 10/25 school libraries, which absolutely shocked me, as it both innocuous and a great early reader. Using pictures to help prompt the student to read from context. Anyways I can happily say that our local school provides a vast variety of books including a limited selection of current comics. I suppose I have a bias towards comics, but I think as Harry Potter demonstrated, anything that can help children realize that reading is good is well good. (Never mind all that witch craft hooey.)

Alright, I'm sure I made some logical fallacies in there weakening my position on the subject, but the internet agrees with me so neener-neener-neener.

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