Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Photo's

So a little preface, I warned Erin not to do these photos. It was back to back with a busy day for the kids which had interrupted nap, and was in the middle of their nap again so I was petrified it would be a gone show.

That being said, Erin's planning and execution were superb. Offering Bryan a present (of new Christmas pajamas) in the car on the way to the studio for pretend Christmas was genius, and the first shot of them opening presents is authentic, as it was another gift for pretend Christmas. It wasn't anything big, but for Bryan it was the perfect bribe without him evening knowing he was being bribed.

Scheme executed and great results, enjoy.


Samantha said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the praise of my plan. But you didn't say that originally, I asked Geoff if he and I should be in pyjamas for the photo too... and he said that would be headed straight for Awkward Family

Also I did not select any of the many photos of Bryan and Evie snatching the gifts away from each other, which was of course a popular pursuit. But anyway, yes overall it was even better than I had hoped and I sprang for the full 3-pose package.

Samantha said...

The kids photographs are really very cute. They are looking so adorable in same matching pajamas. Even I have bought matching pajamas for my kids from and they are loving the pajamas.