Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Battle of the Laser Wolves

So in the continued and delayed saga of Erin's B'day present (the saga delayed, the present is done) I thought I would continue with some of the construction pictures.

So the gist of the gift was a whole room reno on the master bedroom, everyone (parents on both sides, Candace and I) to pull this together.  Erin's mom and I have been scheming since about August, and while here work was ALL the sowing (and there was a lot.)  My real task came in the 36 hours ahead of the unveiling where I stripped  the room of furnishings, packed the closet, painted, and then put it all back together with everyones help and gifts.

So here are some of the in progress shots.
Everything jammed in the bathroom

Everything that wouldn't fit in the bathroom stacked in the middle.

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