Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Time

Listening to All in Good Time by BNL, wondering if I took this album, and interleaved it with Stephen Page's new album if I could distinguish it from other BNL albums.

In honesty it is a good album, it isn't a great one, its just good, but I think there last album (not including Snack Time! its in a world of its own,) was my favourite since Stunt. It would have been hard to follow with out a band schism. The Toronto Star raved gleefully about it, and I'm not saying it isn't warranted, it just didn't feel like a sincere review.

So other then the obvious allusions to Steven Page in the single, the album is a good sound, and and it takes me back to the concert at the Dakota. I feel the studio polish doesn't always do them service as they sound great live, but the album stays generally in a bubble gum, blue grass sound. (I'm not a music critic, but thats how I hear it, so :P )

So if you like BNL give'r a listen, if not, your probably going to pass, but enjoy the single which seems to have grab the radio by the horns.


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