Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something with more meat, barely

Just reviewing post election coverage, and I came across this gem in The Star:

For many voters, the Harris government represented a necessary evil – a political enema to purge the province of excess.

MMP went down in a ball of flame, I hope that isn't the end of the debate, unfortunately no one even knew what they were voting for. A co-worker confessed to me this morning that they didn't know what it was about and voted the status quo, this guy is a very intelligent hard working guy with a business and engineering background. He was just too busy, and missed the one pamphlet that came in the mail. It did raise the astute point that many Ontarians don't understand the principles of economics and finance, and you expect them to understand an entire new voting system with out a concerted effort of education? The debate from the no side was rather poisonous, I can admit MMP was imperfect, but it was hardly the bastion of a Taliban Canada. We shall see what direction they take it from here, maybe baby steps to an improved system are in order?

Alternatively I recommend a new method, I call it, First Past the Mixed Member Proportional Post.

The way you do it is you run an FFP election to elect the one hundred and some odd seats there are, then you assign list candidates from each party list until you have a popular vote representation. Then you stick them all on the front door step of Queen's Park together. Then you let them race into the legislature the first members to claim one of the 107 seats, gets to keep it. All and all, I think there will be a great mandate to help Athletics Ontario, and Sports Medicine and a decline in childhood obesity.

Another alternative is First to Mix Up a Member with the Post, in which you arrive at the same grouping of 107 + balance members, give them all quarterstaff's, and let them club each other until only 107 remain.

Okay I'm done with my less then pithy commentary. It's been a busy work week and I need to get back to it.
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