Tuesday, September 18, 2007

People are assholes, especially to themselves

Incoming rant,

So Smoking, smoking is a pretty bad habit that will kill you. I don't fault anyone of a generation older then mine for starting, the information on smoking related illness wasn't really there, and there was a lot more advertisement. For those who are of that generation, I know several who have successfully quit, my grand-parents, Trevor's dad, Erin's Mom. It was a brutal process for all of them, and for those who can't seem to quit, I accept that it is tough for you. For people of my generation who smoke, your just a bunch of fucktards, who probably couldn't read the surgeon general's warning on a gun to not apply it to your forehead.

So I get to the train station yesterday, and what do I see, I see to yuppies, hard core, Starshmuck drinking, foppish, dinks limp handedly taking a drag on their ciggies.

All right what ever, we're on a train plateform, their in an enclosed area, it is clearly marked no smoking, but you know what, not my business.

Then I look beside them. Right f'ing beside them are two octogenarians taking a drag on something entirely uncigarette like... An oxygen tank...

So open flame and oxygen interactions aside, wtf... Can you pick two of the best candidates for why second hand smoke is a bad thing. So I saunter over, and politly interject... "Hey I don't know if you are aware of it, but this plateform is a no smoking zone. Oh and did you happen to see your smoking next to this folks breathing through oxygen masks?" I was polite by acrid near the end.

To their credit they seem contrite, be it the "getting caught" or maybe they did feel remorse they apologized, interestingly I don't recall if they actually put out their smokes of not. As I departed I gave some half hearted, remark about how it was for their own good so they don't get fined. Then just as I was almost gone, they got indignant,

"but they [the oxygen gang] were smoking first."

By the Noodles of the FSM!

You'd think that watching to guys huffing back a combo of oxygen and nicotine laced tar smoke would put you off your own for at least a few minutes, but no it inspired this prats to join in.

I threw up my hands and walked away in disgust sputtering incoherent indignation of my own.

People are stupid, stupid, stupid!

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