Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pod Cast Update

An update to an earlier post "Coast of Araska: Podcasts!" as request by one of my co-workers, who recently became the proud owner of an ipod shuffle, and asked me what I was listening to these days.

From the original list,
Quirks and Quarks,
Tiki Bar TV

I've kept all but BNL, not because I don't like them but because they have pretty much stopped with the pod casting. The pod cast was a making of the album journal, the album is made, so until I hear otherwise, I am not expecting more from them.

To this small list (and I am told it is a small list) I have added:

A (often) drunken review of this weeks top stories on the social news web site digg.com. I'm told the video is better, but I listen anyways.

Ask a Ninja
A ninja answers questions posed by viewers, who may meet an unfortunate end for their inquisitiveness. This is video only, but worth watching at home.

Daily Giz Wiz
A gadget a day from the gadget master Dick DeBartolo, long time writer for Mad Magazine, and funny guy.

FLOSS Weekly
Free Libre Open Source Software Weekly is an interesting podcast that talks with the key people in the open source community. Well I've never been huge into the whole open source zealot business, the people on the show are quite fascinating.

Futures in Biotech
A podcast looking into new technology in the biotech field. The pilot was good, so I hope to hear more.

Pretty much the same as Quirks and Quarks, but put together by the publishers of the scientific journal Nature.

The Presidents Weekly Radio Address (site currently down)
A weekly satire of Dubya, I will say no more, just in case the CIA is watching.

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