Sunday, April 30, 2006

Canadian Music Creators Coalition

So this is actually old news now, syndicated across the internet on mass. Ironically it is a story about copyright and content, and most places that syndicated it actually published the content, as opposed to just directing people to it, and making comment. I suppose this was a press release, and they were within their rights to republish it in this fashion, it just caught me as funny.

I digress, I wanted to highlight this, because I think it is an important step in today's copyright mine field. This is a group of artists, standing up for artists. As they make clear, the CRIA, RIAA, and MPAA represents both content creators, and content distributors, and often their is a conflict of interest. As such these artists are making it clear they stand for the content creators rights, as it pertains to the current discussions and litigation surrounding copyright. This isn't an endorsement of piracy, but an endorsement of fair use.

I think their press release speaks for itself, but I really wanted to make sure I syndicated it here. So go their site, read the paper (pdf) and support the artists who make content you enjoy. Especially the artists who have taken a stand against the anti-consumer views of the recording industry.

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