Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sponsor Geoffrey to Conquer the Tower!

CN Tower,
1776 stairs of sheer maddening vertical
1 hollow, dank stairwell
1 Engineer, on a mission, to climb them all!

To my friends, and random visitors, this is my contribution to my community, I don't always have the liquid assets to support various good causes, but I can give my support by climbing this tower, and getting you to sponsor me. I have done this once before, but not with such enthusiasm, my first climb taught me to respect gravity, for she is a formidable force. So it isn't without a touch of humility that I say, THIS IS FREAKING HARD!

So please support me, and the United Way in this years CN Tower Stair Climb. For more information on the climb, you can go to there site. For more information on the local, national, and international effects of the United Way's charity efforts, you can check out their site

If you click the main link above or this one here, you can directly contribute to my Stair Climb Effort.

Now against my better judgment, my brother has convinced me to carry my .1288 kg camera, the 335.28 m up the tower with me, to document the occasion. For reference that will require me to exert an additional 423 J of superfluous energy to carry the camera with me! So those pictures had better be worth it!!!

Thanks in advance, your poster/climber Geoff


Colin said...

I have already sponsored him, just to make him climb!! How mean am I?

Despite his complaints, that 423 jouls amounts to roughly 101 calories, is just slightly less than 250ml of coke or a similar beverage, so someone get him a can of coke (a little extra, just in case, about 150 calories) so that he is not weighed down too much.

Unknown said...

Yes, well the more shocking fact was the total percent of the climb that 423 jouls represents. I won't share with you the % to avoid the embaressment of reverse calculation of my weight, but it is negligable.